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The start of Roar Republic
A new way to inspire and educate

It was always a goal of mine to start my own business. I love helping others, and I knew I wanted to spend my life doing that. After college, I started working in the corporate banking industry. Once I gave birth to my first child, Gisele, I left my job to focus on being a full-time mom.

During this journey of healing my body, I decided it was time that I started my business. I found that I was always wearing workout attire when I was out and about with my daughters. Putting on my activewear made me feel confident and motivated me to stay active, enjoy my Pilates, and stretch my body with Yoga. I started to think to myself that there was no way I was the only woman wanting to wear quality activewear all day. I decided I wanted to create comfortable workout attire that would motivate women and make them feel like their best selves. I’m passionate about making sure my line is sustainable and supports local business which is why my brand is designed and made in Australia.

It’s never too late to enjoy any form of movement that makes you happy. You just have to get up and start! My goal is to help women be truly happy, stay motivated with their goals, and to be comfortable and confident in my activewear. Whether you’re a chasing after your toddler all day or enjoying the great outdoors, I want to encourage and give confidence to women both physically and mentally. I chose the name Roar Republic because the mark of the overlapping “R” letters symbolizes two women standing together and supporting each other. Empowering one another only makes us women stronger together! I want to inspire women to recognize their inner beauty, to take care of their bodies and minds, and to work together to build a better world that my daughters can grow up in.

After Gisele was born, I really started to focus on my health by eating healthy and nutritious foods as well as staying active. Growing up, my mother always made healthy homemade Mediterranean meals for our family. She also encouraged us to stay active by having us play sports at least once a week. Thinking about the great example my mother set for me, I decided it was time to make a change for myself and my own family. I really began paying attention to the foods I was nourishing my body with. I made sure to stay active and have Gisele stay active, too.

Almost two years after giving birth to Gisele, I started experiencing lower back pain. I’d wake up in the morning with a stiff lower back and it would take me at least two hours for it to loosen up. Your body goes through so much being pregnant and becoming a mother. I had ignored the pain for so long. Being a mother, you carry on and put your baby first without thinking about yourself. Now, the pain was too intense to ignore.

I was referred to a chiropractor after my doctor recommended back surgery to which I quickly replied with a “no”. My chiropractor introduced me to Pilates and put me on a twice a week workout plan. Not only did the Pilates greatly help my back pain, but I fell in love with it. From there, I signed up to be a Pilates instructor. Now, I was focusing on myself and my mission was to take care of my body and heal it from all of the wear and tear it had experienced from pregnancy and motherhood. I also added Yoga to my workout routine to further heal and stretch my body. Yoga is such a beautiful and peaceful time to switch your mind off and just be present in your soul.

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