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We all know the huge benefits of regular activity for our physical & mental health.  Creating the right kinds of habits around activity for life-long health start when we are very young and are heavily influenced by the adults we see on a daily basis. 

Researchers from the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance have agreed on the important role physical activity plays in children’s & youth’s health, cognitive functioning, engagement, motivation, psychological well-being & social inclusion. They also listed further psychosocial benefits including increased self-esteem & social skills including teamwork & negotiation.

A study commissioned by the Australian Sports Commission link found that the highest factor that influences a child’s likelihood of participating in organised, out of school physical activity was seeing a parent participate in physical activity.   

Statistics show that for children, participation in organised sports is at its highest at ages 9-11, but this rate drops sharply from 12-14 years for both girls & boys. As a parent, I know it’s so important to model to my children the kinds of behaviours that will benefit both my health and theirs, to create the right routines that ensure that movement is our daily livelihood for our mind and body.

This is why we have launched Roar Republic Junior, our active wear range designed for 8-14 year olds. Roar Republic Junior has been in the making for over 5 years, and we’re so proud of the carefully created range that has come from this journey.

Not your average active wear range, at Roar Republic Junior, we have created a range of movement wear & swimwear for girls and boys that is designed and made in Australia. Our pieces have been designed with the aim of building confidence & freedom of movement to support our tweens & teens to continue to pursue the activities that not only support their best health but give them the sense of belonging, trust and devotion that an active lifestyle provides.

I’ve personally found that it has been so hard to find active wear for 8-14 year olds that they actually want to wear, that fits well, is true to size and compliments their lifestyle & choice of activity. Tweens & teens don’t want to be seen in children’s wear, and adult active wear is not designed with their developing bodies in mind. At Roar Republic Junior, we want them to embrace the changes that they see, giving them the freedom of growing, learning & participating, and building their confidence & courage to create great lifestyle habits for themselves. 


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