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The lead-up to Christmas is either all about doing the do or planning how to do the do! It’s an exciting time of the year for many of us, but it’s also a time of overwhelm and stress, as we try to sprint to the end of another big year. 

With diaries overflowing with commitments, it’s hard to prioritise yourself and your needs when you’re being pulled in all different directions. But, this is the time of the year when you need to prioritise wellness the most. 

Let’s face it, we need all the spiritual, emotional, physical and social wellness we can muster to get to the finish line. And, we can only do that if we take the time to look after ourselves and our needs throughout the silly season. 

Here are a few ways you can balance wellness at Christmas, so you have all the energy and motivation you need to see the year out on a high.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual strength is that force that drives us to make sacrifices for others, our nation and the greater good. Spiritual wellness is being connected to something greater than yourself. It’s about identifying values and principles that give a sense of purpose and meaning to your life, guiding your actions and keeping you true to yourself. 

Prioritise your spiritual wellness during the festive season through: 

  • Meditation - to connect you to your deeper self
  • Volunteering - with organisations aligned with your values
  • Reviewing - did your actions align with your principles this year?
  • Reflecting - are you being true to yourself and your values?

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness refers to building an awareness of (and accepting) your moods and feelings. It’s being able to handle the stresses of daily life and coping with change and upheaval. The key to emotional strength is self-awareness - understanding how you respond to things going wrong, emotional triggers and stressful situations. 

Emotional wellness can be strengthened through: 

  • Exercise - endorphins improve your mood and your ability to cope with change
  • Mindfulness - being present in the moment will ground you in what matters most
  • Connection - meet up with a trusted friend and share how you are feeling
  • Sleep - getting more rest will improve your emotional state each day.

Physical Wellness

Looking after your physical health is key to successfully maintaining wellness at Christmas. When you eat well, exercise regularly and look after yourself, you have more energy to participate in the fun and frivolity of the season. This doesn’t mean sticking to a strict exercise or diet regime - it just means enjoying things in moderation. 

Improve your physical wellness this Christmas by: 

  • Exercising - try to walk for 30 mins a day to maintain your health and fitness
  • Eating well - choose healthy options where possible so you can enjoy a treat
  • Parking further away - increase your steps each day and feel good when out and about
  • Drinking more water - alternate water with other drinks to feel cleansed and refreshed.

Social Wellness

The relationships we form with others are another crucial element when it comes to wellness. Social wellness is about spending quality time with others, enjoying deeper interactions and finding a sense of belonging. Surrounding yourself with supportive and non-toxic people is one of the quickest ways to improve your overall wellbeing. 

Boost your levels of social wellbeing by: 

  • Reaching out - reconnect with an old friend and arrange to chat or meet up
  • Participate in a community event - get to know locals and build new relationships
  • Join a class - find an activity that interests you and allows you to join in with others
  • Visit family - spend time with loved ones to recharge your batteries and reconnect. 

By prioritising all four domains of wellness - spiritual, emotional, physical and social - you’ll find it much easier to get through the next few weeks and start the new year with a new lease on life! 

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