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It’s that time of the year again when we make new year's resolutions and goals for the year ahead. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get much further than making a resolution - often, by February 1, we’re back to square one (or maybe that’s just me?). 

If health and wellbeing are a priority for you this year, it’ll take more than extra exercise and movement to make a difference. Physical fitness is just one part of the wellbeing equation. The other, often overlooked part is mental fitness. 

Think about the times your body has been ready to move, but your mind has held you back. Perhaps you didn’t believe you had enough time for a walk. Maybe it was too hot or cold to head out. Or, you thought there was no point trying because it wasn’t making a difference anyway. 

The key to turning things around and improving your overall wellbeing lies in your mental strength and preparedness to take action. Without a push, you’ll find yourself making excuses and ready to pack it all in come February 1. 

If you’re tired of making hollow promises, it’s time to change things - and we’re here to help!

Five ways to improve your mental wellbeing for the new year

Embrace the freedom to make your own decisions

You have the power to make decisions on your health and wellbeing. No one else does. You don’t need permission to go out for a walk or finally put yourself first. You also don’t need to join a gym or spend lots of money to feel better about yourself. Be empowered to follow your gut when creating and following your wellbeing goals. There is no right or wrong way. Start small, stay true to your values and embrace the freedom to choose your own path to wellbeing. 

Self-acceptance: find satisfaction and happiness in yourself

Setting a wellbeing goal is inspiring and highly motivating - we all want to look and feel better. However, don’t get too caught up in an idealistic future. Take a moment to appreciate who you are right now. You might not love how you look, but don’t dismiss your other qualities that are even more important. Your inner strength. Your determination to succeed. Your commitment to yourself. Make sure you appreciate who you are now before embarking on a wellbeing journey.

Be confident in managing everyday situations

Lacking confidence in everyday life is often a barrier to improving wellbeing. It’s impossible to set and maintain a fitness schedule, for example, if you have no control over when you go to work or when others are available for babysitting duty. It’s also hard to believe you can meet a fitness goal if you feel all at sea in other areas of your life. Address any issues that are sapping your confidence so you finally believe that you CAN improve your health and wellbeing.

Build positive relationships with family, friends and others

One of the most powerful ways to boost mental wellbeing lies in building positive relationships. We all need a village of supporters to be in our corner to pick us up when we’re down and celebrate our wins and successes. When you’re surrounded by positivity, you feel more positive and optimistic too and more likely to meet your goals. It also helps to have someone to walk with and talk to each day - there’s nothing like having an accountability partner for wellbeing!

Find a sense of purpose or meaning in life

Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial to any wellbeing journey. What’s driving towards this life change? Why is improving your wellbeing so important right now? You might be a new mum, wanting to keep pace with your kids. You might be getting ready to tackle menopause. You might be moving on from the end of a long-term relationship. For your new year wellbeing resolution to stick, it needs to matter - there has to be a deeper meaning driving you forward. 

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