Here At Roar Republic, we set ourselves a mission – to encourage every woman to see her true beauty and inspire her to be the best she can be. We are more than just a brand. We are a way of life. Strong, happy and optimistic we bring women together, filling them with confidence to inspire one another and create a happier world for our daughters.

Designed and made here in Australia our great quality clothes make every woman look and feel great no matter her shape and size. At the heart of our brand is a belief that every woman should lead the life she loves and aspiration to help them achieve this.

“It’s never too late to enjoy any form of movement that makes you happy. You just have to get up and start! My goal is to help women be truly happy, stay motivated with their goals, and to be comfortable and confident in my activewear. Whether you’re a chasing after your toddler all day or enjoying the great outdoors, I want to encourage and give confidence to women both physically and mentally. 

 I chose the name Roar Republic because the mark of the overlapping “R” letters symbolizes two women standing together and supporting each other. Empowering one another only makes us women stronger together! I want to inspire women to recognize their inner beauty, to take care of their bodies and minds, and to work together to build a better world that my daughters can grow up in.”

– Aysun Abal, Founder of Roar Republic

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